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Martello Tower, Leith: 55.987327, -3.173492
Eagle Rock, Cramond: 55.983043, -3.308644
Invertebrate survey with Heriot Watt University and local families, at Cramond beach: 55.980330, -3.297529
World Wide Knit in Public Day: 55.977900, -3.264000
SOS: 55.979800, -3.206600
Knitting fun: 55.975800, -3.176500
Portobello Beach: 55.952800, -3.114600
Granton Castle Walled Garden: 55.982142, -3.242083

Children learning about the shore

Edinburgh Shoreline map

Edinburgh Shoreline is all about community engagement and we love it when you take part!

Use the interactive map to pin your contributions to our shoreline. Have an amazing sunset photo you’d love to show us? How about a bit of poetry about your patch? Or maybe a recommendation of a place to visit?

Photographs, memories, links to film, places… all are welcome! Contact us with your ideas.