Cramond shoreline

Our shoreline is a space for recreation, habitats and wildlife

Our shoreline is a space for recreation, habitats and wildlife

Our shoreline is a space for recreation, habitats and wildlife


Edinburgh Shoreline

Edinburgh Shoreline project launched in 2018 as an exciting, new, community centred initiative celebrating the city’s 27km coastline.

We work with community groups to rediscover the coasts fascinating and often unknown history and the rich plant and animal life that survives against the odds in unexpected places, inspiring people to explore their coast and take responsibility for its future health.

The project involves people living and working in the shoreline communities from South Queensferry to Joppa. With support from artists and experts, communities are creating their own responses to their local coastline and sharing knowledge and resources with other shoreline communities to build a sense of ownership into the long term future.

An early highlight of the project was a major exhibition in the John Hope Gateway at Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Garden.

We delivered The Wild Line: large scale habitat creation for insect pollinators and rocky shore invertebrates along the north Edinburgh coast.

We developed an arts related project working with local crafters to explore and celebrate the amazing Forth coast we have on our doorstep through craft and word.

The Edinburgh Shoreline project became constituted in 2021 and is excited to be working in paetnership on some innovative new projects.

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The landscape of the Forth has changed, and man has encroached upon the land and water once inhabited by wildlife. Though species loss has been devastating, there is the opportunity for improvement.


People have lived beside the Forth for 10,000 years; finding shelter, food and making their living from the sea. Over time, we have exploited this resource and turned our back on the sea. It is time to embrace our shoreline once again.


The Edinburgh shoreline is made up of a series of diverse and interesting places, each with unique characteristics. To face the future together, it is time for joined-up thinking. How will we tackle issues such as climate change and sea level rise as a city?

"Perhaps if we understand and appreciate its past, we will be the more empowered to protect its future"

TC Smout and Mairi Stewart: The Firth of Forth an Environmental History - Birlinn 2012

"Over the next 15 to 20 years more than 30,000 houses may be built along the shoreline; the future of the Forth depends on the vigilance and love of all who live around its shores"

Group with net by sea

"Sea levels along the edge of the city are going to rise, and we need areas that can be safely flooded"

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