Our Edinburgh Shoreline exhibition at RBGE

The information and creative work generated by the project was showcased in a ground-breaking exhibition at the John Hope Gateway, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, overlapping with the Edinburgh Festival, from June – October 2018. It shone a spotlight on our unique landscape, heritage and biodiversity which residents and visitors alike are able to experience – the importance and wonder of our coastline.

Diverse community groups from along our shoreline, explored issues such as pollution, use of derelict land, changing habitats and heritage.

These helped us to produce this exhibition, which was enjoyed by over 40,000 visitors.

We celebrated the exhibition opening with a great launch night

We gave visitors the opportunity to provide feedback and share their thoughts

We shared historic artefacts from around the shoreline

We shared ideas of what the project aimed to achieve

We shared the creative talents of the communities along this amazing shoreline

We recognised the great work already underway in local communities

And we enjoyed exhibiting in such a great creative space