The Forthline Project - Exhibition Events

We are delighted with the diversity, passion and sheer beauty of the work that has been sent in – thank you.

We are pleased that, subject to continued covid guidance, we are able to display the squares, in full and in smaller subsets, at venues around the Forth. Our aim is to offer a number of events on both the North and South side of the Forth.

We’ll keep this page updated as venues and dates are confirmed, and share updates on past exhibitions at the bottom of this page. 

1st to 5th December

11am – 3pm

Scottish Seabird Centre

We aim to exhibit all squares,  with a few environmental or craft focused activities organised by the Seabird Centre.  You can find out more here as plans takes shape.

Scottish Seabird Centre

North Berwick

EH39 4SS

If you missed our exhibitions you can enjoy a few photos here

Ocean Terminal - Friday 22nd October 

Our Forthline squares were displayed in the entrance hall of Ocean Terminal – with the aim of prompting discussion about health and wellbeing, and overall community needs, as part of the Edinburgh PACT initiative.

We had great engagement from local people and businesses within the centre, and got valuable insight into what local people are looking for.

Royal Botanic Gardens Harvest Festival - 19th Sept 2021

Great day at the Botanics Harvest Festival – lovely atmosphere and very successful:

  • 350 people came to see the Forthline squares in just 4 hours,
  • enthusiastic visitors who lingered to read the stories behind the squares and talk about them
  • lots of the craft creators who came to meet us
  • very popular talks on Seagrass and Oysters – that managed to appeal to all ages from 2 to 72!  Great to see the kids captured up front and then their parents begin to get involved and ask questions

Big thanks to Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh and Flora and Fauna International for helping fund the costs for the exhibition logistics, and to the Botanic Gardens for being a wonderful host!

Wonderful feedback from people on the day too:

  • ‘The exhibition of Forth shoreline was excellent. The apple trail as well. So interesting! On the whole a very good day and celebration of harvest!!!’
  • ‘Fantastic day out, love the story tent and the Forth Shoreline exhibition was inspiring!’
  • ‘A stunning exhibition. What a wonderful achievement. Each square is so individual + many make such prominent messages. One that stands out for me is the tapestry with words Climate change – Adaptation – Death. So powerful. Well done everyone.’
  • ‘Fantastic exhibition – I studied weaving + embroidery at Art school in 80’s and inspired me to get back into it. Sustainable, mixed media art – fabulous!’
  • ‘Magical Forthline project. Deserves a longer run.’
  • ‘An inspiring exhibition. Well done for putting it out. You must put adverts in all local newspapers. Thank you. See you next year.’ 
  • ‘Many interesting things; The Need to Protect craft shoreline pieces are truly awesome, a fantastic idea and concept which should be in an art gallery. V&A or similar?’
Our Forthline squares made quite an impact
Great to meet so many crafters

Fife Ecology Centre - Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th September

Thanks to the Fife Ecology Centre for hosting three excellent community engagement days – fantastic hosts and a wonderful location. 

We displayed the squares from Friday to Sunday and Alastair Lyndon from Heriot-Watt held an intertidal talk on Saturday afternoon, followed by a beach walk as the tide went out.


Very successful for a number of reasons:


  • Plenty of visitors throughout the weekend – including some of the local crafters who had made Forthline squares. Many who came on Sunday had been text by friends who had been and recommended it.
  • Everyone was very enthusiastic about the Forthline squares and especially the messages and quotes – one even said it was better that the Great Scottish Tapestry! – because they are all so different and have a personal story. 
  • Got plenty of people talking about their local area, what it means to them, and how much has changed.
  • Brought awareness about the Ecology Centre and it’s location – great feedback from visitors who didn’t know about it before

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