The Forthline Project - volunteer to create a square

Thanks for your interest in creating one of our Forthline squares – it will be great to have you involved!

There are a few easy steps we’ll take you through to get a square allocated, and get you started. 

Step 1

Select Your Square

On the right you will see a map with the 1K squares marked.

Squares in blue are available, those in yellow have already been allocated, and red squares are complete. You will see the individual square numbers shown on each square. You can zoom in on the map to get a better idea of the area covered by the individual squares.

You can request a particular square by emailing us once you spot the one you would like (see Step 3 for Contact below). We will do our best to accommodate your wishes but, as these will be allocated on a “first come” basis, (maybe best to also give a second choice) or we can allocate one.

You will have four weeks in which to complete and return your piece

Step 2

Help us with costs if you can

We are currently fund raising to help cover the cost of the calico squares, materials and postage – we estimate our costs are roughly £5 per square. 

If you feel that you can help with this, then we’d really appreciate a donation, or perhaps a pay it forward to help cover costs for someone who can’t.

Don’t worry if you can’t donate, this is not linked to getting involved, so contact us and get started regardless.

Step 3

Contact us to confirm your square and get your calico

Please then contact us with your name, postal address and your first and second choice of square (or random choice if you prefer)

We can then confirm your square and arrange for your calico to be posted to you. 

Thanks for supporting us!

You can find our privacy policy here

please contact us here:

Step 4

Check out our hints and tips

When you get your calico, please check our guidance points to help you get started.

You can navigate through our other Forthline pages using the links below