The Forthline Project - guidance notes

Thank you for your interest in the Forthline Project 

So far the project has covered the Edinburgh side of the Forth spanning from the shoreline near Abercorn to just beyond North Berwick. We now plan to extend this to the Fife side of the Forth as such a lot of interest has come in.

      We’ve jotted down a few specifics for anyone who is interested in joining in:

  • Participants will be allocated a 40cm calico square representing a 1 kilometre square of the Forth shoreline. Each square will be oriented with the number in pencil at the top right hand corner with the shape of the shore marked in black pen.
  • We would like people to take inspiration from something related to the environment in your square, or people’s relationship with it. Our aim is to have the completed artwork ready to coincide with the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) which is scheduled to take place in Glasgow in November 2021. So climate change could be a useful element to consider.
  • Feel free to work in any medium, but please don’t make your square too 3D, as the pieces will be stored piled up when not being exhibited. 
  • Critically, please make sure you keep the black pen line as part of the overall design. This denotes the shoreline, will link it to pieces on either side of it when it is displayed, and allow people to easily see and follow the ‘story line’.
  • We will allocate the squares in batches as interest comes in, and set a target date for return, so that we can join and share sections of the shoreline as they are completed.
  • You could work directly into the calico of the piece or separately and then attach to the calico. It could be realistic, representational or abstract but the design should be principally inspired by elements of or relating to the environment within your square.
  • Your inspiration doesn’t need to be the present environment  – it could relate to what used to be there or even to what could be there in the future…
  • The calico does need to be a part of your finished square for consistency. The work doesn’t need to be totally flat but nothing fragile or very 3D  please as pieces will be stored piled up.
  • Once complete, we will ask people to take a photograph and upload it on our website.
  • We will have allocated drop off points where participants can give us their actual squares.
  • Please note that we cannot return the squares to you. The finished creations will be combined so that the Forth shoreline story can be displayed, in whole, and/or local sections. We hope to take this on a touring display once covid restrictions allow. 

Need inspiration? Have a look below
Some of the squares are taking shape nicely

Square 16

This square is mainly sea, so the theme is inspired by rolling waves, sand, and the influence of the moon.

Square 33

A nice mix of land and water, and the place of the sewage works … an area of many  incarnations …. 

Square 34

A beach theme for this one – swimmers, walkers, dogs … all enjoying this coastal space.

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