The Forthline Project

Artists and people with a great mix of craft skills have started working together to produce a major illustrated “story” of the coast around the Firth of Forth, and are inviting like-minded locals and friends of the Forth shoreline, like you, to participate / join the project.

People like you, we want you to participate, your shoreline needs you! 
You can find out more below.

The idea was inspired and developed by a group of experienced craftworkers, supported by the Edinburgh Shoreline project, in partnership with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

The finished creations will be combined so that the whole Forth shoreline story can be displayed in whole and/or local sections.

The aim is to provide an inspiring challenge for artists and craftworkers in these constrained times and, importantly, to celebrate the amazing shoreline we have on our doorstep, with a particular focus on our coastal environment and the amazingly varied wildlife that can be found there.

Participants are being issued with a 40cm square of calico relating to a specific coastal kilometre square and asked to express things that move them from what they know or have researched about the coastal environment and the natural heritage of a particular piece of coast.  There will be a great sharing of knowledge, and as each individual square is transformed with different media, passions and discoveries, a long line of enmeshed stories and visions of the coastline will emerge.

Each square will have the shape of the shore marked in black pen. This black line will form part of the overall design, so that it visually links to pieces on either side of it.

As each square is completed its image will be uploaded to this Shoreline website and linked to adjoining squares, to create a linear ‘story’ that can be to be scrolled through, celebrating the Forth’s amazing coast and history.

Sections of the actual work, and possibly even the whole work, depending on the final size – which could be 200m long or more – will be displayed in indoor and outdoor venues around the Forth. 

The aim is to coincide with the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) which is scheduled to take place in Glasgow in November 2021.



We are currently fund raising to help cover the cost of the calico squares, materials and postage – we estimate our costs are roughly £5 per square. 

If you feel that you can help with this, then we’d really appreciate a donation, or perhaps a pay it forward to help cover costs for someone who can’t.


If you are feeling creative and would like to get involved by doing a square, just click on the link below and we’ll step you through the process. 


If you would like to know more about the project without creating a square, you can drop us an email using the link below. Just email us at: 



A big thank you to our partner

and our local sponsors

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